I’m a certified Animal Healer, Lightworker, and intuitive on a mission to heal animals near and far…..one pet, one treasured, sweet, loving animal at a time and to help pet parents and animal lovers of the world do the same, through energy healing and other safe, natural, and holistic treatments. Read More...

What is Animal Healing?

We are all made up of energy and inherent life force which seek to be in an optimal state of health, wellness, and harmony in all ways.  When we are out of balance and stress is present, our energy becomes stuck and the result is illness, disease, fear, anxiety and behavioral issues.

Unfortunately with modern day living comes much that can cause our pets to be out of balance.  Read more...

Healing services for your pet include energy healing, aromatherapy, nutritional and medicinal plants, animal communication and more. Book your session today.



Hello and Welcome! 

I am so glad you are here and are interested in Animal Healing.

Have you run out of options for your pet’s health and want integrative or alternative choices for your pet? Or maybe you just prefer the safety of natural remedies and holistic care.

Many Pet Guardians today search for more natural ways of caring for their pets during illness, trauma and disease.  Others like to use preventative care to keep their pets healthy and happy.  Still others just like to pamper and spoil their beloved fur babies.

If any or all of this sounds like you, you have come to the right place.  As a long time pet parent, I understand your concerns.  As a Certified Animal Healer, I offer a safe and effective combination of holistic and natural treatments for your pet’s health and well-being.

I specialize in working with companion animals for:

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Accidents, Injury

  • Physical or emotional trauma

  • Effects of changes in your home or family, e,g. marriage, divorce, birth, death, new home, moving, etc.

  • Behavioral issues

  • Chronic and catastrophic illness

  • Allergies

  • Cancer Care

  • Pre- and Post-Surgery

  • End of life care and preparation for Euthanasia

  • Pet Loss, for you, your family and your surviving pets

  • Memorial services

My signature animal healing services include:

  • Energy Healing, Animal Reiki

  • Animal Aromatherapy

  • Healing plants, foods and herbs

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle consultations

Animal Healing is the ancient practice of bringing homeostasis or balance to an animal and their systems through non-invasive modalities that can help speed your pet’s healing, safely, naturally and without harmful side effects.

Balancing your pet’s energy helps support them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (Yes! Pets are affected in body, mind and spirit, just like we are!)  By bringing balance for your pet they are better able to heal and experience improved quality of life.  Animal healing is safe and effective for all pets and all ailments and conditions.

For information about my services click here.

I offer healing sessions for clients worldwide and locally.
I have local practices in North Carolina, Vermont and South Florida.
No matter where you are, I can help.

“Christine came to help my dog Mindy who was struggling with asthma and pain and stiffness from arthritis.  Her in depth knowledge about animal energy, aromatherapy, diet and much more helped both myself and Mindy. I am so thankful for such a successful healing session for Mindy.  She slept like a baby and was like a spring chicken the next morning.  I recommend Christine to anyone who wants to provide natural wellness for their animal.”  ~ Sue M.


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 NOTE: Animal healing is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or training for your companion animal. I am not a veterinarian. I do not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe for medical conditions. Please contact your pet’s medical caregiver for all health concerns.
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